Around the Shop, On the Shelf 5/15/15

They say ‘Don’t judge a book by its cover.’ But, hey! these covers are pretty awesome and I’m one of those people who buy books on daily basis by picking up a random book from a random shop with a good cover. :p


Walking through the store the other day, a stack of books piled high in one arm and ready for reshelving, a bookseller’s eye was drawn to the cover of a book that was faced out on a shelf. She set down her stack and pulled the book off the shelf and investigated.

It’s a story told often, the draw of a striking cover discovered on a bookstore shelf. It happens to booksellers as often as it does anyone else. In that spirit, we’ll be highlighting some of the books that adorn our shelves with a striking allure every Friday over on our instagram feed. Here are a few covers that grabbed our attention this week.

Is Shame Necessary?: New Uses for an Old Tool by Jennifer Jacquet

Jacket design by Janet Hansen

An urgent, illuminating exploration of the social nature of shame and of how it might be used to…

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So, my mom has enrolled me into this graphic designing course for summers. I thought it would be boring and shiz since I suck at using my own laptop or do anything productive except for watching movie and stuff. But hey! the class turned out to be amazing and the folks there are really cool. Our sir happens to be my customer as well so…yeah it’s kinda AMAZING. 😀 I feel so stupid around all these people in my class. They seem to know so much about what we are learning and I’m the only girl asking ridiculous questions and I talk a lot too. Hope I’m not annoying. Does this happen to you guys as well? lemme know that I’m not the only one.

‘When you give of yourself, you receive more than you give.’

Veeshu ❤